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The Friday Brief

The Friday Brief: Managing Editor’s must-read items from this week

Friday, June 07, 2019 @ 2:59 PM | By Matthew Grace

Matthew Grace %>
Matthew Grace
Here are my picks for the top stories we published this week.

Law groups welcome MMIWG report, pledge to consider and reflect on inquiry’s ‘Calls for Justice’
Bar groups and legal regulators are welcoming the sweeping final report and recommendations of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) — although it remains to be seen how much the bar and bench will do to implement the inquiry’s demands, including that regulators mandate (and enforce) Indigenous cultural competence training with respect to lawyers and judges.

Judicial training bill passes Senate committee with changes easing judicial independence concerns of bench, bar
A government-endorsed judicial training bill, that stalled for two years in the Senate due to blowback from the judiciary, is poised to become law after the upper chamber amended the proposed legislation to forestall a separation of powers battle with the judicial branch.

Consent required for divorced party’s use of embryo: court
In a dispute over the use of an in vitro embryo with no genetic ties to either party, the Ontario Court of Appeal allowed the appeal of an ex-husband to withdraw consent of use from his ex-wife, who wished to have a second child.

SCC rules ‘arbitrary detention’ of racialized accused merits exclusion of seized drugs, gun
The Supreme Court of Canada has split 3-2 to acquit a racialized Toronto man of drug and weapons charges — with the majority judges excluding from evidence a handgun, cash and cocaine seized by police officers after the accused fled their uninvited questioning of him in his friend’s backyard.
The case for consultation on gender-neutral robing rooms
In her column, Anita Szigeti writes: “I have been a member of the Ontario bar since 1992. In those years I have argued hundreds of cases in the Court of Appeal and in our superior courts. On a monthly, if not weekly basis, I have taken respite from being exposed to the dominant male culture of the legal profession, in the “Lady Barristers’” Room at Osgoode.”
Matthew Grace is the Managing Editor of The Lawyer’s Daily.