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Heuristica Discovery Counsel adds senior counsel

Friday, July 05, 2019 @ 11:25 AM | By John Chunn

Heuristica Discovery Counsel LLP announced that Martin Felsky has joined the firm as senior counsel.

According to the e-discovery firm’s press release, for over 30 years Felsky has been sought out as a technology transformation adviser to law firms, governments, courts and corporations around the world.

The release added that Felsky is perhaps the most experienced e-discovery lawyer in Canada and was involved in drafting the Ontario E-Discovery Guidelines, the Sedona Canada Principles and is currently active on the Ontario Digital Evidence and e-discovery Working Group and The Sedona Conference Canada Working Group 7. He also serves on the Uniform Law Conference of Canada Electronic Document Rules Working Group which is developing nationally consistent rules of practice. He was appointed to the Canadian General Standards Board committee on the admissibility of digital evidence in 2014.

Felsky is the author of several Canadian Judicial Council publications, including the Blueprint for the Security of Judicial Information (now in its fifth edition) which has been implemented in every Canadian superior court. He continues to provide legal, policy and technical advice to courts across Canada on the issues of information governance including cybersecurity and privacy, and he is considered an expert on judicial independence.

Felsky said he is “very pleased to move his e-discovery mediation and arbitration practice to Heuristica and looks forward to continuing to advise public and private sector clients on compliance with information laws and managing digital evidence for legal proceedings with the support of both the legal and technology teams at the firm.”

He said he believes e-discovery can be the most expensive aspect of civil litigation and as most cases never get to trial the discovery process is critical to the determination of a fair settlement. As an experienced, trusted third party Felsky is eager to assist parties resolve e-discovery disputes in a faster, less costly way.

Crystal O’Donnell, Heuristica’s CEO, said, “there are few people I have more respect for in the area of e-discovery. After having worked with Martin on a variety of committees, and having followed his career for years, I am delighted to have him join us so we can work together to offer even greater value to our clients by leveraging Martin’s vast experience and proven leadership in e-discovery.”