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Jonathan Batty named Toronto’s new Integrity Commissioner

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 @ 10:25 AM | By Peter Carter

Toronto city council has appointed Jonathan Batty as Toronto's Integrity Commissioner, effective Nov. 30. Batty takes over the position from Valerie Jepson, who held the role since June 2014.  

According to a statement from the City of Toronto, the Integrity Commissioner provides advice, complaint resolution and education to members of city council and local boards on the application of the city’s codes of conduct, the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and other bylaws, policies and legislation governing ethical behaviour.

Prior to his appointment, Batty served as associate chair of both the Licence Appeal Tribunal from 2017, and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario since earlier this year. In these roles, he oversaw more than 90 adjudicators and provided guidance on adjudicative matters, conflicts of interest, code of conduct compliance, as well as matters relating to the Human Rights Code.

Prior to joining the Licence Appeal Tribunal and Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Batty served as Counsel at Elections Ontario, the government of Ontario, the government of Canada, the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Advocacy Resource Centre for the Handicapped Legal Aid Clinic.

The Integrity Commissioner is a neutral, independent officer appointed for a fixed, non-renewable five-year term and operates independently of city council and the city administration.