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Lenczner Slaght founding partner retires

Monday, January 06, 2020 @ 10:34 AM | By John Chunn

Alan Lenczner, founding partner of the Toronto litigation firm of Lenczner Slaghthas announced his retirement.

“Thank you to my colleagues and support staff at Lenczner Slaght for making my career a lifelong pleasure,” he said in a press release. “The firm is vibrant, strong and committed to doing the right thing for clients and for all its members. I have no doubt that the firm will continue to adhere to the qualities that brought it to the premier position in litigation, and that Lenczner Slaght’s future will be even brighter.”

Managing partner, Tom Curry, added: “He leaves a legacy in all the people whose lives he touched by his industry, integrity, commitment to excellence, and most of all, in the way he made everyone feel. Alan brightened our days and that is something we will carry with us forever. We at Lenczner Slaght are proud of our heritage and connection to Alan Lenczner.”

Lenczner, who practised law for more than 50 years, established precedent-setting decisions in nearly every area of civil litigation. Since 1969, he appeared regularly before courts at all levels across the country, as well as many professional and government tribunals. He also appeared as counsel before the High Court and Court of Appeal in the U.K.