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Feds announce climate action funding for Windsor law students

Thursday, March 05, 2020 @ 12:50 PM | By John Chunn

Law students at the University of Windsor will receive $125,000 in federal funding to help in the fight against climate change, Environment and Climate Change Canada announced.

According to the government’s March 4 press release, with this investment, Windsor law students will organize two conferences to train and engage youth and community builders on the legal and policy aspects of municipal climate change mitigation. These events will empower Ontarians to take climate action and ensure the meaningful implementation of their cities’ climate policies.

The Climate Action Fund provides up to $3 million annually to support projects delivered by students, youth, Indigenous peoples and organizations, not-for-profit organizations, small and medium-sized businesses and research and educational institutions that raise awareness of climate change and encourage others to take meaningful climate action.

“Knowledge and capacity building are important tools in the fight against climate change,” said Minister of Environment and Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson. “The University of Windsor is empowering Canadians to be leaders and is calling on municipalities across the country to rise to the challenge and take positive climate action. As we aim for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, our government is committed to supporting Canadians across the country in transitioning to a cleaner, more prosperous future for our kids and grandkids.”

“We know municipal-level climate mitigation is key to reaching Canada’s carbon-reduction targets. We are thrilled to receive this funding for a program that will equip youth and others in our local communities to work collaboratively with municipal governments for meaningful climate action. Being largely law-student led means we are also helping to equip the next generation of lawyers and policymakers with the skills needed to tackle climate change,” said Dr. Anneke Smit, associate professor and director of the Windsor Law Centre for Cities.