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Monday, March 16, 2020 @ 1:56 PM  

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This page is no longer being updated. For up to date coverage please see the Covid-19 section of The Lawyer’s Daily.

Below is free coverage from The Lawyer’s Daily on COVID-19 including news, analysis, opinion and Insider items. Users can also use the Search box at the top of the page and set real-time news alerts for any keyword, including COVID-19, to be informed when new content is published.

As an additional free resource to help Canadian legal professionals manage the evolving COVID-19 crisis, Lexis Practice Advisor (owned by The Lawyer’s Daily parent company LexisNexis Canada) has developed "Coronavirus Guidance for Canada" featuring select content that addresses emerging issues related to COVID-19 across a variety of practice areas.

Court Websites with Information for Canadians (via Canadian Judicial Council)

Time to put civil justice out to pasture?

COVID, opportunity and future of family law

Techniques for making video trials fair

Summary judgment post COVID-19: Movement toward increased access to justice?

New Green leader wants affordable law schools, speaks on ‘urgent needs’ that have come out of pandemic

COVID-19 and its effects on jurisdictional authorities

Serving up notice: Reasonable notice periods during COVID-19

Ottawa announces $600 million more for businesses amid second wave of COVID-19

Ontario tightens COVID restrictions as Toronto calls for more urgent action

Send in the juries

Running in time of crisis: Why standing for bencher is right move now

Access to justice amid COVID-19

When Jordan meets provincial offences, COVID-19

Ottawa announces $10 billion in infrastructure funding, reintroduces conversion therapy bill

Can a school be sued if student becomes infected with COVID-19?

Diversity, inclusion and equity in South Asian legal community

British Columbia extends state of emergency

B.C. law society approves action on paralegals, fee reductions at September bencher meeting

Singularity and the law

Ambitious throne speech agenda requires concrete action on part of government, observers say

Child support, spousal support and COVID-19

Why COVID-19 is occupational hazard in its own right

Let them eat cake: Responding to criticisms from ‘lawyer’s guild’

Ontario closes strip clubs, limits restaurant hours as new COVID-19 cases remain high

Sustaining our justice system in pandemic times

LSO decision on practice fees sends ‘terrible’ message to profession: bencher

Ottawa announces three new COVID-19 employment benefits

Ontario to add 98 workplace inspectors to enforce pandemic safety measures

Group predicts Charter challenge to Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 response

Liberals pledge to create one million jobs, tackle health care and criminal justice in throne speech

Ontario’s chief justices call for reinvestment in legal aid at court opening ceremony

B.C. teachers’ union asking labour relations board to look at ‘haphazard’ school reopening plan

Child abuse in time of COVID-19

Business as unusual: Immigration planning during a pandemic

LSO crowd-pleaser fee relief motion the opposite of what’s needed

B.C. suspending civil jury trials in response to pandemic

Will pandemic finally lead to lower annual fees for Ontario licensees?

Fee reduction proposal ‘reckless,’ LSO finance chair says

LSO fee relief motion a matter of disaster relief for members

We can’t forget about the environment, single-use plastics legislation

Some traffic courts reopening in Saskatchewan

Former ambassador to U.S. broke conflict of interest law: commissioner

Ontario tightens some gathering limits in Toronto, Ottawa and Peel Region

Back to school and COVID-19: Courts weigh in

COVID-19 forces changes on majority of law practices: Survey

Ontario Court of Justice resumes more in-person proceedings

LSO budget balance: Support for licensees and public

COVID-19 has led to paradigm shift in legal profession: B.C. bar association president

Temporary COVID policy change helps employers hire visitors

What COVID-19 deniers can teach us about impaired driving science

COVID-19 vaccine update

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: Parental decision-making during a global health crisis

How COVID-19 will change legal innovation

Ontario delays reopening of some courthouses

Teach our children well

Virtual justice in COVID era comes at a heavy cost, legal scholars say

Ontario jury trials set to resume next week with jury selection at convention centre

Court vs. commercial arbitration after COVID: Dealing with the backlog

The Coach: What does COVID-19 mean for you?

Toronto Court Services announces in-person reopening and expiration of time-limit extensions

Roof over our heads

Greater legal resources coming for LGBTQ2 communities

Unexpected child support consequence of COVID-19

CROWN - Actions by and against Crown - Injunctions

Back To Law School Roundup: News, analysis and opinion published this week

Advocacy groups raising red flags about legality of Alberta, B.C. COVID-19 legislation

Deaf-blind and becoming a lawyer: Educating disabled children

Court vs. commercial arbitration after COVID: Adapting to the virtual

CRA tweaks policies on meal allowances, expenses

Ontario reopens more family law courtrooms, expands other virtual services

B.C. extends COVID-19 state of emergency

Law school, new technologies and access to justice

Virtually back to school: Impact of COVID-19 on law students

Alberta Court of Appeal launches public portal of digital management system

CBA welcomes new president, six new board members

Importance of not undervaluing virtual legal education

COVID-19 and the assessment of economic damages: Part two

COVID-19 pandemic brings sea change to law schools as classes shift online

Today’s law firm recruiting takes massive stakeholder co-operation

Virtual law school in the middle of a pandemic: Challenges and hopes

Banking regulator to end COVID-related measures on pension plan transfers, loan deferrals

Key pandemic legislation puts Ontario in ‘emergency purgatory,’ says OBA panellist

Mental health of students en route to becoming lawyers

The impact of COVID-19 on Canadian law students

Supreme Court to start early with in-person hearings, reinstate civil deadlines

Ontario Court of Justice continues roll-out of in-person and virtual proceedings

Equator Principles and COVID-19: Compliance challenges

To school or not to school

Ottawa relaxing post-graduate work rules for foreign students

Ottawa gives billions in COVID-19 aid for school reopenings

COVID-19 and assessment of economic damages: Scenario analysis

Court of Appeal insurance ruling could be relevant to COVID-19 cases, says lawyer

International travel during COVID-19 against children’s best interest, court rules

COVID-19 pandemic exceptional circumstance when determining trial delay, B.C. judge rules

Legal solutions to commercial insolvency during COVID-19

Tory Leader O’Toole wants less western alienation, greater use of natural resources

Feds tweak work permit rules temporarily for visitors already in Canada

Ontario increases indoor gathering limit for meeting and event facilities

More international trade disputes possible outcome of COVID-19, lawyer say

COVID-19 is modernizing courtrooms — but for whom?

Wellness: Five ways to stay healthy while working at home

Liberals outline change from emergency benefit to EI, new benefits

Top legal digital marketing trends for 2020

Ontario Court of Justice continues roll-out of virtual criminal case management courts

Ontario extends most emergency orders to Sept. 22

N.W.T. says public health emergency continuing until Sept. 1

Despite COVID-19 guidelines, insurers still deny attendant care claims

Surge in COVID-19 justice issues could spur Legal Aid Ontario funding crisis, lawyers warn

Conservatives accuse Trudeau of ‘coverup’ via prorogation, redacted documents

Concerns raised about Ontario’s environmental assessment changes

The truth behind the U.S. immigration freeze

B.C. extends state of emergency to Sept. 1

Trudeau prorogues Parliament, says new recovery plan needed

Do I have to return to the office during COVID-19?

Freeland new finance minister following Morneau’s resignation

You can defer your mortgage payments; why not your property division, too?

Ontario Court of Justice announces reopening of more courthouses

Asylum claimants working on front lines of COVID-19 fight given path to permanent residency

Top OBA leadership begins new era of diversity

Schools reopening amid COVID-19 create questions of equity and access

Ottawa announces funding for local infrastructure, food surplus program

Bill-184, payday loans: A perfect storm

Ottawa adds $305M to Indigenous COVID-19 response, says UNDRIP legislation remains priority

Gowling partner named to Canadian chamber’s tax review commission

LSO annual general meeting shows pandemic, equity challenges facing law society going forward

Feds launch updated emergency wage subsidy calculator

COVID-19: Duty to accommodate workers with immunocompromised family

Divorce in pandemic times: Arbitration as a potential answer

Ottawa temporarily sets minimum unemployment rate for EI benefits

Suspended services: U.S. Embassy and consulates during pandemic

Windsor-Essex allowed to enter stage 3 of reopening Aug. 12

Why Ontario landlord-tenant relations not doomed by Bill 184

Why does Ontario continue its suspension of limitation periods?

N.W.T. extends public health emergency to Aug. 18

Unanswered questions burden Ontario back-to-school plan

Ottawa announces $3B in funding for pandemic-related infrastructure projects

Sign here, see you later: Getting ghosted in commercial transactions

Government releases draft pension and deferred salary leave plan regulations

Commercial landlord not entitled to rent due to force majeure, rules Quebec court

After COVID-19 we can never go back

Government proposal allows CRA additional time for tax reassessments

Ottawa reveals new contact tracing app, plans to transition CERB recipients to EI

Ontario restaurants, bars now required to keep customers seated and maintain logs

Time stands still: Ontario continues suspension of limitation periods

Northwest Territories extends wage top-up program to Oct. 1

How to best assist clients who separate during COVID-19

Ontario law society has duty to step up for COVID-19-affected lawyers

Virtual criminal case management courts pilot launches Aug. 10 in Ontario

Retired judges, universities part of B.C. provincial court backlog response

Ontario launches commission to investigate long-term care COVID-19 deaths

Justice and the pandemic: What has to change

Immigration and COVID-19: The U.S. and the rest of 2020

Toronto and Peel get green light to enter stage 3 of reopening

Contract remedies illustrated after purchase of junky medical supplies

Arbitrating human rights abuses perpetrated at sea

More oil, less environmental law wrong recipe for post-COVID-19 Canada

Canada cuts international students a temporary break

Canada authorizes first drug to treat ‘severe’ COVID-19

B.C. Supreme Court issues notice on procedures for filing, serving documents

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench no longer accepting fax filing after August

CRA gives another extension for income tax payments

Before sharing your next legal document, read this

Toronto announces remote court services in wake of COVID-19 case at Brampton courthouse

Courts reopening: Oyez, oyez, oy vey

Federal government investing $625 million in child care

N.W.T. government announces cabinet shuffle

N.W.T. extends public health emergency

Access to Justice: A plea for technology in the justice system

International students face uncertain future in U.S.

Ontario touts passage of 18 bills as contentious legislative session ends

Navigating the modern courtroom

Tenants groups say new Ontario law could increase evictions amid pandemic

IP lawyers applaud launch of Ontario’s intellectual property action plan

Estate planning during COVID-19: Four months later

Proposed B.C. workers compensation bill looks to amend liability, search and seizure rules

Ottawa giving ‘much needed’ money for ‘women and their families fleeing violence’

Ontario government allows seven more regions to enter stage 3, excluding Toronto

Importance of emotional intelligence for management during anxious times

Coverage under builders’ risk policies for COVID-19 issues: Exclusions

Excellent innovation to reopen B.C.’s traffic court

Federal government looks to expand employer wage subsidy

N.W.T. government updates improvement plan for Child and Family Services

Trudeau unveils $19B ‘safe restart’ agreement, extension of U.S. border measures

Ontario extends emergency orders again as province expands reopening

Ontario Court of Appeal rejects application for COVID-19 bail from inmate with diabetes

B.C. forecasts $12.5-billion deficit in 2020-21

Cybersecurity, business continuity: Five insights for Canadian companies

New Alberta bill proposes significant overhaul of labour, employment rules

Insider trading risks during COVID-19

Ontario Court of Appeal provides amended practice direction on remote proceedings

Growth vs. fixed mindset: Lawyers embracing COVID-19 changes

Ford government backs program to promote products made in Ontario

COVID-19: Ultimate business interrupter

Ontario announces stage 3 reopening for most regions commencing July 17

LSO tribunal resumes accepting hard copy materials, but electronic hearings continue

Unexpected evolution of hybrid hearings

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench suspends urgent hearing request process

B.C. Supreme Court ends telephone hearing process for some civil and family matters

Federal-provincial initiative will insure Ontario farmers for COVID-19 losses

Saskatchewan looking to big rooms to accommodate September jury trials

CUSTODY AND ACCESS - Access - Denial of or interference with

Ontario economic recovery bill proposes sweeping legislative changes

Managing a pandemic: Does a nation’s constitution make a difference?

Proposed Ontario legislation to extend emergency powers raises concerns

Wheels of justice and the pandemic

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench issues guidelines on electronic documents

Nova Scotia small claims court expands services

Dos and don’ts of co-parenting during COVID-19

Navigating rampant false marking, fraud in protective equipment market

B.C. Supreme Court to resume in-person registry services

B.C. extends state of emergency

Concerns for snowbirds during COVID-19: Tax

Rethinking conditional sentences post COVID-19

Competition Bureau plan aimed at ‘protecting competition in uncertain times’

Nova Scotia courts make masks mandatory

Border services agency cuts service hours at more ports of entry

Ontario courts resume in-person proceedings despite lingering health concerns

Remote hearings, examination of witnesses: Practicalities

Experts weigh in on Manitoba’s step toward modernizing courts

Federal committee releases guidance on jury trial reboot

Coverage under builders’ risk policies for COVID-19 issues

Concerns for snowbirds during COVID-19: Immigration

Canada to help employers with pension and deferred leave plans

Steering clients correctly: Guide for dealing with spike in roadside legal problems

Quebec justice makes ‘giant strides’ with addition of Digital Court Office, bar president says

Digital assets technology awareness: Pivoting to new paradigm

Federal government extending small business rent relief program

Encourage compromise when selling home occupied by tenant

COVID-19 and the difficulties for Ontario inmates

Ontario ombudsman report highlights ‘appalling’ jail conditions, COVID-19 complaints

Canada extends mandatory isolation, quarantine requirements till Aug. 31

Canadian artists need better access to legal services: report

Canada extending travel ban for non-U.S. foreign nationals

Time for LSO to formalize its relationship with students

Settling personal injury cases in age of the pandemic

Tips for safe, legal videoconferencing

Competition Bureau to lead international consumer protection network for one-year term

Pandemic promises lasting legacy of improvements for N.W.T. justice system, says minister

Ontario Superior Court of Justice unveils first phase of courtroom reopening

Federal Court announces end of last suspension order

Workplace bullying: The other epidemic

Technology can create problems as well as solve them

National pro bono initiative responds to Canadians hit hard by pandemic legal problems

Nomad visas and economic resurgence: Lessons from Estonia

Where do you Zoom?

Return to work survey gauges employers’ concerns

Caution urged before releasing prisoners with dementia

COVID-19 benefits: fraudulent claims, tax fraud and cash economy

Proceedings in first-ever Zoom trial at Federal Court met with praise by judge, counsel

Remote hearings, examination of witnesses: Best practices

Nova Scotia courts release recovery plan

Trudeau to help law students find internships, but stays firm on Meng

B.C. begins next phase of safe restart plan

COVID-19: How to support children when one can’t support self?

COVID-19 and U.S./Canadian border: Not all bad news

Nothing good ever comes for free: Contact tracing apps and COVID-19


AIR TRANSPORTATION - Regulation - Complaints about air carriers

Justice and the pandemic: Pushing for modernization

Ontario extends declaration of emergency to July 15

Ethics during the pandemic: Avoiding Faustian bargain

Feds extend time periods for temporary layoffs

Nova Scotia Appeal Court releases ‘practice directive’ for hearings

B.C. provincial court announces resumption of traffic hearings at some locations

Alberta bills focus on business, public health as province seeks to emerge from pandemic

Feds give $100 million to plant-based food producer

Boardroom spotlight on new global standards

Ontario to ease restrictions for Toronto, Peel Region on June 24

Treasury Board president releases statement on return to work for public service employees

Working from home during COVID-19: Can expenses be deducted?

Six-month delay for Canada’s new drug pricing rules

CUSTODY AND ACCESS - Access - Conditions - Denial of or interference with

B.C. transitions COVID-19 border screening to federal government

B.C. announces next steps to support renters, landlords

Tribunal Watch Ontario concerned over shortage of adjudicators, possible shift to written submissions

Digital assets technology awareness: Adapting to change

Lack of juror support adds to uncertain future for jury trials, says founder of commission

Justice and the pandemic: How Canada ranks

Ontario Provincial Offences Act proceedings expanding

Some in-person family law matters resuming in Ontario

Ontario in-person criminal trials slated to begin July 6

How to limit recruitment costs post-COVID-19

Trudeau says ‘COVID Alert’ national contact tracing app to be made available July 1 in Canada

The reopening: Rundown on franchise system changes

Interpreting Ontario’s new employment regulation: O. Reg. 228/20

Trudeau government to give economic ‘snapshot’ to nation

Tax planning strategies in a market downturn: Loss

Ontario extends emergency orders to June 30

Alberta legislation aims to safeguard businesses from eviction

Task force aims to help modernize justice system and role of advocates

COVID-19 class actions: More the merrier, apparently

Canada emergency benefit extended for eight weeks

COVID-19 poses access to justice hurdles for accused in Alberta custody

Reimagining the workplace: Mitigating cross-jurisdictional risks

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench releases new info on review and assessment hearings

Crossing the U.S.-Canada border during COVID-19

More small businesses can apply June 19 for CEBA $40,000 no-interest loans

In case of emergency, break glass: Purpose-driven corporations

More courtrooms in British Columbia open their doors

Contact tracing apps could hurt vulnerable Canadians: defence lawyers

Zoom impact on oral advocacy

Trudeau announces mandatory airline temperature checks

Virtual law post-COVID-19: Will justice thrive in a Zoom future?

Northwest Territories institutes 14-day self-isolation order for all visitors

Closing real estate deals during COVID-19

Clear communications during global pandemic

Federal Court eases restrictions in Western Canada, Maritimes

Ford government names new patient ombudsman

Ottawa announces $133 million in new funding for Indigenous businesses

Ontario colleges, universities to begin gradual reopening in July

Border services agency probing alleged dumping of Chinese decorative plywood

Virtual court options expanding throughout Nova Scotia

How lawyers can help Canada navigate COVID-19 storm

Obstacles to reuniting families at border during COVID-19

Feds ask Quebec court to maintain constitutionally defective assisted death law till Dec. 18

Mindful strategies for working remotely: See clearly, respond effectively

B.C. extends state of emergency

Courts need new ideas to safely resume jury trials, selection, lawyers say

Return to work: A privacy balancing act

Ottawa tables ‘time limits’ bill, but opposition won’t fast-track without compromises

Reopening digitalized economy: Practical privacy, cybersecurity considerations

Alberta follows Ontario sanctioning ‘upstream’ litigation by videoconference

Ontario child care centres allowed to reopen starting June 12

Why COVID-19 has potential to put me out of business

B.C. provincial court gives update on traffic, ticket or bylaw matters

Toronto coalition launches website to help people experiencing homelessness from COVID-19

Temporary ban on commercial evictions in Ontario eyed by Ford government

Ottawa poised to introduce law to extend civil timelines and punish CERB abuse

Protesters, police and pandemic

In confinement as a lawyer and mom

Ontario announces second stage of reopening outside GTHA, hikes limit on social gatherings

Tax planning strategies in a market downturn: Trusts

Nova Scotia Supreme Court taking ‘first step towards our new normal’

In case of emergency, break glass: New priorities for governing boards

Implementation of Divorce Act reforms postponed from July 2020 to March 2021 due to COVID-19

Trudeau endorses body cameras for RCMP, relaxes border controls for foreign family members abroad

Ontario extends emergency orders, suspension of legal limitation periods

Welcome to post COVID-19 brave new world of work

Senior family court judge fears self-represented litigants being left behind by COVID-19

Litigation risk in COVID-19 environment: Class actions and more

B.C. Supreme Court releases info on courtroom procedures, chambers applications

B.C. looking at amending, updating legislation on protection of personal information

Trudeau pledges employment, financial help for people with disabilities, more aid for provinces

N.S. Court of Appeal expands remote hearings

N.S. Supreme Court lifts suspension of filing deadlines, restarts normal filing process

Elder abuse: Ontario’s dirty little secret

World Environment Day: Opportune time for better business, climate laws

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench updates procedures for criminal court appearances, family cases

SCC poised for first virtual appeal hearing; Zoom ‘observers’ to see novel contract, criminal cases

What employers will face as economy reopens

B.C. Supreme Court expands guidance on civil, family matters

Access to justice and pixie dust: Civil resolution tribunals

Academics studying effects of COVID-19 pandemic on law

Feds mandate face-covering for aviation sector, issues guidance for other transportation workers

Ontario extends state of emergency to June 30

Ontario’s COVID privacy amendments impact beyond public interest

What happens to child support if job’s lost due to COVID-19?

Ontario small claims court now accepting some non-urgent matters

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench gives new guidance on voir dires, masters chambers applications

No going back: Technology and court process

B.C. law society considering ‘targeted’ approach on COVID-19 relief: president

Litigation risk in COVID-19 environment: Big changes

Justice and the pandemic: The new gold standard

COVID-19-specific liability waivers: New reality for outdoor/adventure operations?

Seller refusing final visit before closing due to COVID-19: Now what?

Case for electronic bylaws, virtual meetings, e-voting in condominiums

Building law school from ‘our kitchen tables,’ Ryerson dean says as plans to open proceed

PM deplores ‘anti-black racism’ in Canada, disburses $2.2 billion to cities, towns hit by COVID-19

Suspension of limitation periods ends in Alberta: law society

Ontario curtails right to claim constructive dismissal for COVID-19 layoffs

Ontario bar task force offers tools, tips, advice for making ‘huge adjustment’ to remote hearings

Basics of good oral advocacy more important in virtual hearings, says Alberta chief justice

Trudeau boosts help for Indigenous peoples, addresses long-term care homes crisis

Swiss court rules staff working at home eligible for rent help

Why COVID-19 pandemic has caused divorce rates to rise

LSO moves treasurer election online as COVID-19 forces cancellation of in-person voting

History made in Ontario courts: Nation Rise outcome

Ottawa extends cruise ship ban in Canadian waters till Oct. 31

What Dr. Strangelove and I have in common

LSO reduces Call to Bar fee as recent calls rally profession to support students

COVID-19 adds indefinite waiting period to delays in justice system

Watch out for ex-spouse using COVID-19 to their advantage

Newfoundland and Labrador’s COVID-19 border laws, police powers face Charter challenge

National COVID-19 action committee issues first guidance for reopening courts during pandemic

B.C. addresses testamentary intentions in virtual wills: Successes

Regulators came together on co-ordinated response to COVID-19 financial challenges, lawyer says

SCC’s approach to viral disease: COVID-19

Creativity called for in dog, cat, custody battles

A glimpse into future of post-COVID-19 family law

B.C. provincial court to resume limited in-person proceedings beginning June 8

Ontario extends emergency orders until June 9

Post-pandemic austerity will require Ontario’s judicial system ‘to work smarter’: chief justice

Financial impact of COVID-19 on lawyers, paralegals key issue in LSO treasurer campaign

Potential issues in Ontario employment law post-COVID-19

Reimagining privacy in times of COVID-19

Feds plan to suspend, extend federal time limits, extend civil notice periods during pandemic

Law societies caution against fraud amid pandemic

Feds look at 10 days paid sick leave, launch commercial rent relief, financial guidance helpline

The good, bad and risky: Physician obligations during COVID

Up to 62 small Canadian businesses can apply for $10K grants to survive downturn

COVID-19 brings American-style injustice to Canada

CRA tax disputes and COVID-19

Leading the way forward: Modernizing access to justice

JUDICIAL REVIEW OR STATUTORY APPEAL - Matters not subject to review

Ottawa launches online benefits finder tool to cope with COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 and animal laws: Moving beyond ‘property’ status

Virtual mediation: Temporary or here to stay?

Businesses not getting insurance coverage they paid for, says lawyer

Court tech lessons from those who’ve been conducting remote trials for years

Halifax’s domestic violence court to restart

Real estate efficiency hacks during COVID-19

Post-COVID courts could see less oral advocacy, more paper-based and remote adjudication: SCC’s Wagner

How COVID-19 helped Ontario court system

Constructive dismissal, unemployment during COVID-19

Applications open for large employer assistance program, Ottawa announces

Tenant-landlord tango: Rental supplement is one right answer during COVID-19

Rent assistance program for small businesses taking applications on May 25, Ottawa says

COVID-19 conundrums for incoming lawyers

COVID-19 shows why catastrophically injured should know about structured settlements

Ottawa to expand access to CEBA loans; Canada-U.S. border restrictions extended by 30 days

Queen’s Law co-develops online legal tool for unemployed workers, employers

Does COVID-19 impact income for spousal support purposes?

Legal groups file Charter challenge against government to protect federal inmates

Ontario extends emergency orders till May 29

East Coast Wellness Court to resume telephone hearings

Independent body to probe impact of COVID-19 in long-term care homes, Ontario says

Foreign workers: Employer quick change to aid economic recovery

Alberta Law Society sees articling, lawyer cash flow as major challenges during pandemic: president

Trudeau extends Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy program

Newfoundland court expanding operations virtually

Bail, sentencing impacted as jail could be ‘death sentence’ during pandemic, lawyer says

B.C. Supreme Court releases notice on criminal matters; Appeal Court allowing viewing of hearings

Alberta courts issue updates on pandemic operational plans

Maritime court to start hearing in-person trials, preliminary hearings

Rights group planning legal challenge of Alberta COVID-19 health order

Ontario resumes operation of some businesses, services

COVID-19 and animal laws

Ottawa announces income supports and grants for fish harvesters

Ottawa bans ‘pleasure craft’ in Arctic coastal waters, will reopen some national parks as of June 1

Ontario Superior Court of Justice expands virtual hearings, provides etiquette guide

Scariest book I’ve ever read

Courts Zoom ahead with remote hearings due to pandemic, despite concerns of some lawyers, litigants

Ontario commits $1 million to agencies helping victims of gender-based violence

Manitoba Queen’s Bench masters get going again

Alberta begins phase one of relaunch strategy

Preparing will and power of attorney for challenging times

Integrity, security key factors for online licensing exams, says LSO exec

Largest COVID-19 class action in Canada launched against long-term care chains

Ontario extends declaration of emergency until June 2

Constructive dismissal: New reality under COVID-19

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench releases instructions on electronic without notice applications

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada appoints deputy commissioner

Nova Scotia court extends suspension of jury trials

Class actions filed in B.C., Quebec over prison COVID-19 outbreaks

Access to Justice: Visionary thinking to update a legacy system

Canada providing conditional bridge loans to large employers

A Raisin in the Sun Revisited: Quarantine and jail

Failed love in time of COVID-19: Urgent cases and best interest of child(ren)

Pandemic data hubs and contractual, regulatory and ethical risks

Feds extend COVID wage subsidy for employers, unveil details of culture, amateur sport funding

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench outlines family law application procedures

Feds launch Action Committee on court operations during COVID-19 pandemic

LSO moves licensing exams online due to COVID-19

Support service established for virtual courtrooms in Quebec

Privacy commissioners recommend privacy principles that should apply to COVID-19 contact tracing apps

Nova Scotia court now doing virtual civil hearings, settlements

Canada commits to support WTO, ‘rules-based’ international trade during pandemic

$4-billion wage top-up coming for low-paid ‘essential’ workers but provinces to decide eligibility

Why 87 per cent of B.C’s criminal cases cannot be solved pretrial

Letter to the Editor: ‘Dissent column timely, necessary’

Competition Bureau cracks down on deceptive marketing claims of COVID-19 prevention or treatment

Federal judge rejects DOJ foot-dragging; expedites inmate’s ‘urgent’ plea for parole due to COVID-19

B.C. premier reveals restart plan; provincial court issues guidance on remote proceedings

Alberta courts stake out position on pandemic and parenting issues

COVID-19 compliance obligations for employers of foreign workers

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench launches summary disposition court

Ontario easing restrictions on retail stores, essential construction during COVID-19

Nova Scotia court shelves deadlines for conviction appeals

Workin’ for your quarantini

Nova Scotia court doing virtual peace bonds

Manitoba court to begin hearing in-person trials

Failed love in time of COVID-19: What is urgent?

Ottawa unveils $252 million aid for farmers, agribusiness, plans $200-million loan expansion

B.C. Supreme Court amends procedures for pretrial conferences, insolvency proceedings

Quebec Court of Appeal offers ‘virtual courtroom’ for certain motions

Why dissent is essential

Newfoundland and Labrador closes doors

Ottawa names judge to B.C. Supreme Court

Failed love in time of COVID-19: Pandemic and family law

History made in Ontario courts: More thoughts on virtual proceedings

Rent arrears during COVID-19: What landlords, tenants ought to know

Ontario Court of Justice won’t hold trials, preliminary inquiries till July 6 ‘at the earliest’

Saskatchewan rolls out multi-phase reopening of economy

COVID-19 and immigration law: Difficulties and opportunities

Ontario to allow some businesses to reopen under strict guidelines

History made in Ontario courts: Counsel’s thoughts on virtual proceedings

Employment sector Trudeau forgot

Case-by-case approach adopted by B.C. courts for family law in light of COVID-19, lawyer says

Common law in a pandemic: Spanish flu of 1918

Federal Court extends suspension of normal hearings, expands availability of virtual proceedings

Performance or policy: Late-night tweet on the invisible enemy

SCC to launch virtual hearings in June; carbon tax challenges moved to special fall session

B.C. courts release notices on appeal procedures, pretrial conferences

Manitoba releases ‘careful’ plan to reopen economy

Can China be sued for this pandemic?

History made in Ontario courts: Virtual proceedings on YouTube

Commonwealth seeking law firms to give pro bono help to developing states grappling with COVID-19

COVID-19 and single-use plastics

Examining ‘irreplaceability’ of courtroom advocacy, testimony

Prosecuting COVID-19 non-disclosure misguided

Ottawa and provinces agree to common principles for restarting the economy in light of COVID-19

CBA launches national task force to help with plans to reopen and improve justice system

Nova Scotia court gives go-ahead to Information to Obtain unsealing applications

B.C. law society issues practice direction for tribunal proceedings

Ontario launches website for businesses submitting changes to rules, regulations during COVID-19

Changes to emergency powers in Alberta facing constitutional challenge

COVID & Cobain: coronavirus in jail

Criminalizing COVID-19 transmission via sexual assault law? No. And that means no

Courts must continue modernization after COVID-19, Ontario judges say

Ontario releases framework to reopen economy

Encino Man goes to court

Urgent family motions: Update and trend report

Can cruise lines be sued for COVID-19?

Ontario law society CEO says COVID-19 ‘opens all of our eyes’ on how to be more efficient

Wellness: My post-COVID hopes for the profession

We can’t police our way out of pandemic

Small and mid-sized businesses hard hit by COVID-19 offered rent reduction program

Saskatchewan court lengthens suspension of jury trials, loosens some restrictions

Immunizing the board: What directors should be thinking during pandemic

Business continuity planning for equine farms and equestrian operations

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Jury selection, jury trials will not start until September, Ontario Superior Court says

B.C. Court of Appeal extends service suspension, will hold electronic hearings for all matters

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First federal prisoner released by warden due to COVID-19; counsel urges big push to release more inmates

Canada’s flexible immigration system pivots for COVID-19

B.C. Supreme Court extends adjournments until May 29

Senate adjourns to June 2; MPs debate date for House of Commons resumption

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P.E.I. declares state of emergency, tighter entry controls

Feds expand access to small business loans; in talks on commercial rent relief, U.S. border controls

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B.C. provincial court allowing unsworn or unaffirmed affidavits in family matters

COVID-19 crisis complicates intimate partner violence issues, lawyers say

Estate planning during a pandemic

Nova Scotia court to hold pre-trial, resolution conferences by phone

Ottawa expands wage benefit to low-earners, jobless seasonal workers; also extends EI benefits

Manitoba court to resume civil conferences to keep bar ‘energized’

Nova Scotia court to hear resolved non-urgent criminal matters

Border agency reduces access to 27 ‘low traffic’ crossings at Canada-U.S. land border

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench modifies execution and filing requirements due to COVID-19

The home workplace and the duty to accommodate under COVID-19

‘Paper-based system is not going to exist anymore,’ Chief Justice Morawetz says of post-COVID-19 court

Travellers must show ‘credible’ self-isolation plans; Ottawa expands ticketing to COVID-19 offences

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Employers face stiff penalties for abuse of COVID-19 wage subsidies as Bill C-14 comes into force

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Manitoba courts limiting ‘support persons’ for victims, accused

Indigenous law should be heeded to prevent future pandemics

Nova Scotia provincial court allowing more tele-warrants, PDF delivery

The calm before the storm: Business interruption insurance litigation

Easter, Passover in time of COVID-19 focuses on true meaning of essential

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Trudeau unveils more detail, new measures in relation to wage subsidy for employers hit by COVID-19

Non-essential cocaine business no joke

Ontario expands working hours for essential construction projects during COVID-19

Nova Scotia courts allowing media remote access to ‘urgent and essential’ matters

Feds make changes to Canada Summer Jobs program to help youths during pandemic

Lawyers must remain essential service as long as reasonably possible

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B.C. civil resolution tribunal extends deadlines, waives fees during pandemic

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Alberta brings in employment standards changes due to COVID-19

Alberta law society makes changes to articling requirements due to COVID-19

Judge urges heightened accountability regarding family disputes during COVID-19

Alberta provincial court provides guidance on family law matters, warrants

Exercise good judgment before coming to courts in light of COVID-19, family lawyers say

Ontario takes measures to protect first responders in COVID-19 crisis

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Ottawa announces four judicial appointments for Ontario Superior Court

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Suspension of limitation periods and statutory franchise notice of rescission

Ontario Court of Appeal issuing ‘all-in-one’ release order for sureties during COVID-19

Rendering of accused by surety now done remotely at Nova Scotia court

Manitoba Appeal Court embracing remote technology amid pandemic

Ontario extends business closures to stop spread of COVID-19

Landlord-tenant checklist for Quebec during COVID-19

Ontario Superior Court of Justice expands matters heard remotely during COVID-19

LSO cancels June lawyer licensing exams, call to bar ceremonies

Vancouver lawyer caught by COVID-19 crisis in Peru

Impact of COVID-19 on equine farms and facility operations

Alberta government suspends limitation periods, provincial court adjourns civil matters

B.C. Supreme Court updates procedures on insolvency matters

Show of hands: Virtual annual general meetings

Facing pandemic as a law practice program candidate

Ontario emergency measures endanger marginalized, racialized groups

Nova Scotia court to allow virtual affidavits

Northwest Territories courts shut down in-person services

Ontario giving $2.7 million to help victims of crime, support staff during COVID-19

Manitoba bringing new in-custody quarantines, more inmate phone time

Current guidelines for urgent parenting motions during COVID-19

Constructive dismissal and COVID-19

New B.C. guidelines support compliance with provincial health officer’s orders

Ottawa elaborates on wage subsidies, subsidy abuse penalties for businesses, charities, non-profits

Northwest Territories issues COVID-19 practice directive for inmate removal order

Articling student launches legal tech collaboration site in the wake of COVID-19

Nova Scotia provincial, youth courts adjourning in-custody matters

Breaching Ontario’s COVID-19 emergency order could result in fines, imprisonment

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench updates procedures on mediation, arbitration awards

Pandemic observations from self-isolation

Bar calls for limited release of prison inmates, immigration detainees to stop spread of COVID-19

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COVID-19 silver linings for justice system

Mediation by Zoom addresses social distancing, shuttered courtrooms

B.C. courts issue updates to operations due to COVID-19

Mining association says federal wage subsidy could ‘help prevent further layoffs’

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench provides guidance on consent orders

Canada’s COVID-19 travel restrictions, penalties

Ottawa presses U.S. to abide by prohibition of refoulement of asylum seekers at shared border

Access to Justice: Justice in the time of social distancing 

Two Quebec inmates test positive for COVID-19: Correctional Service Canada

Shared parenting during COVID-19

Nova Scotia court suspends filing deadlines

Federal Court working on access to justice, despite COVID-19; urgent matters still being heard

B.C. courts amend procedures for in-court appearances, affidavits

B.C. suspends legal time limitations due to COVID-19

Alberta increases security for renters, restricts public gatherings due to COVID-19

Alberta restricting access to courts in light of COVID-19

Quarantine Act’s jail provisions should not be focus of attention

Postponement of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Feds announce 75% wage subsidy, $40,000 interest-free loans for business, deferral of import duties

Nova Scotia Appeal Court adjourns additional hearings

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First Nation elections pose significant health risk

COVID-19 time for reflection, possible change

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B.C. brings in protections for renters, landlords in light of COVID-19 pandemic

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench makes changes to commissioning of affidavits

B.C. employing ‘extraordinary powers’ to combat COVID-19

B.C. Supreme Court, provincial court offer new guidance in response to COVID-19

Alberta gives ‘full authority’ to law enforcement agencies on COVID-19 fines

Managing workplace investigations during COVID-19 pandemic

N.S. Supreme Court stops accepting hard copy documents, turns to electronic filing

Practical COVID-19 impacts on foreign nationals in Canada

COVID-19 considered ‘material change’ by Ontario court in bail review

SCC cancels scheduled spring session; appeal hearings might still proceed in June

COVID-19 relief bill gets royal assent; wage subsidies boosted to $55 billion from $27 billion

New mandatory quarantine for inbound travellers; Lametti certifies C-13 is Charter-compliant

How COVID-19 affects child support payments: Does a parent still have to pay support?

Fines for not social distancing make sense, but clarity needed, says Nova Scotia scholar

LSO launches emergency family referral line during COVID-19

Legal Aid Ontario bolsters telephone, online help resources

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench enhances e-mail filing system

U.S. COVID-19 immigration policies could scuttle vulnerable businesses

Remote contract review helps lawyers respond to COVID-19

Some chicken, some neck: Why humour’s beneficial in trying times

P.E.I. to issue heavy fines for refusal to self-isolate

B.C. moves to protect jobs of people affected by COVID-19

Stepping up for Ontario’s families

Ontario suspends limitation periods, directs bar to serve documents via e-mail

B.C., Alberta law societies make new moves in response to COVID-19

Publisher gives law students free temporary access to e-book version of casebooks

On front lines of COVID-19: Mental and physical burdens

Impact of COVID-19 on patent deadlines

Making sense of shifting COVID-19 immigration laws

Alberta courts urge public to avoid courthouses

Trudeau tells public ‘enough is enough’; Ontario, Quebec announce non-essential workplaces shutdown

Boom, bust and echo: Law firms are not immune

Employers must be mindful of wrongful dismissal during COVID-19

B.C. courts amend procedures for affidavits

Saskatchewan courts trim down, turn to phone, video to curb COVID-19

Lawyers divided over protection provided by new Ontario infectious disease legislation

Saskatchewan, Manitoba law societies work from home in light of COVID-19

B.C. provincial court suspends regular operations as of March 25

Quebec bar sets up free phone-in clinic for questions about COVID-19

Nova Scotia extending deadlines on fines for summary convictions, driving offences

Canada eases mortgage insurance rules to support consumers, businesses

Manitoba’s Appeal Court scales back to fight COVID-19

Northwest Territories courts mandate telephone appearances by counsel

Courts can learn to modernize through COVID-19 crisis, experts say

On front lines of COVID-19

COVID-19: Family law going forward

Criminal lawyers group urges courts to ‘implement systems’ for remote access in wake of COVID-19

Ontario passes two pieces of legislation to protect workers, municipalities during COVID-19

Canadian businesses asking questions about force majeure in light of COVID-19

Good advice for small business during pandemic

COVID-19 may play havoc with divorced parents’ March break plans

New Brunswick, P.E.I. law societies shut their doors

‘It is not business as usual,’ LSO treasurer says as Canadian law societies react to COVID-19

Alberta Law Society extends trust safety filing deadline

B.C. Supreme Court suspends regular operations due to COVID-19, some provincial courts closed

B.C. declares state of emergency; Yukon declares public health emergency

COVID-19 court closures: What to make of it and what to do

Ottawa pledges billions in COVID-19 economic relief; ‘non-essential’ travel to and from U.S. to be barred

Yukon courts amend procedures in light of COVID-19

Nunavut Court of Justice suspends regular operations; Appeal Court cancels May sitting

Women fleeing abuse affected by COVID-19

University of Calgary law extends deadline to accept admission offers

Newfoundland law society empties its offices

Courthouse closures in B.C. related to COVID-19

Alberta, B.C. declare public health emergencies

Immigration bar seeks clarification as Canada tightens border controls on foreign nationals

Corporate immigration compliance for COVID-19

B.C. Court of Appeal limits operations in face of COVID-19 pandemic

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society closes doors, works remotely

Travel insurance in the time of COVID-19

SCC postpones March hearings, but leaves filing deadlines intact for now

Alberta Law Society closes doors in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Employers’ need to know obligations in face of pandemic

Canada announces new border controls for foreign air travellers

Ontario declares state of emergency as COVID-19 cases increase

Wellness: How we can weather COVID-19 crisis

Ontario Superior Court suspends all operations including criminal cases

Court of Appeal suspends scheduled appeals for three weeks

COVID-19: Employer, employee give and take

Visitors restricted at Ontario youth justice centres

Federal Court announces interim measures

Alberta courts announce measures to deal with COVID-19 fallout

B.C. modifies court procedures in response to COVID-19

Canadian employers facing challenges over COVID-19

What our courts can and should do to address COVID-19 concerns

Jury trials nixed over COVID-19; SCC closed to public; courts offer remote hearings, adjournments

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Program can minimize business interruptions like COVID-19, rail strike

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