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Halifax court to hear in-person motions for directions

Wednesday, November 04, 2020 @ 4:35 PM | By Terry Davidson

Nova Scotia’s Supreme Court in Halifax will soon begin hearing in-person motions for directions, further expanding its attempts to return to normal operations.

According to a Nov. 4 news release, the court’s general division will begin dealing with all motions for directions at the Law Courts of Halifax as in-person matters, starting Nov. 16.  

Motions for directions are procedural appearances held in certain cases to deal with matters such as the setting of hearing dates and the filing of documents, as well as other case management issues.

It was in mid-June that the court, as part of a gradual return to some form of normalcy, transitioned to a “safe services model,” where counsel and involved parties no longer had to establish that their matter was urgent or essential enough for it to be heard in person.

“Non-urgent in-person hearings are now regularly permitted, provided they can be conducted safely and in accordance with the COVID-19 Court Recovery Plan and established public health protocols to protect against the spread of the coronavirus,” states the release.

It goes on to state that “[o]ther types of matters scheduled in General Chambers will continue to be held by telephone.”

As of Nov. 4, there were four new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Nova Scotia, bringing the number of cumulative confirmed cases in that province to 1,118.

Nova Scotia, which, like other jurisdictions, continues to be under a state of emergency, had 19 active cases and has seen 65 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

That province’s chief medical officer reportedly said recently that while there are cases of COVID-19 being investigated in the province, nothing currently points to general community spread of the virus.

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