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Fasken launches hydrogen energy team

Monday, November 23, 2020 @ 12:29 PM | By John Chunn

In response to North America’s growing demand for hydrogen fuel, Fasken announced that it has launched a new hydrogen energy advisory team (H2EAT).

According to a Fasken press release, the Canadian law firm is already an adviser for participants in all stages of the emerging hydrogen economy. The firm helps energy clients source supplies of renewables; evaluate hydrogen production technologies; raise debt and equity financing for hydrogen projects; secure patents and other intellectual property related to hydrogen conversion technology; and navigate regulatory requirements and codes covering everything from storage and transportation of hydrogen supplies to construction of modular reactors needed for production, as well as environmental certification.

Fasken represents numerous utilities in their efforts to “blend” hydrogen with natural gas distributed via the country’s extensive pipeline network. The firm is also counsel to H2GoCanada, a non-profit corporation created in 2018 expressly focused on accelerating development of Canada’s hydrogen market. H2Go is “structured to catalyze and mobilize hydrogen supply and demand, raise awareness through education and facilitate market demonstration projects of hydrogen systems.”

Co-leading Fasken’s new H2EAT initiative are Daniel Brock and Janet Howard.

Brock chairs the government relations and strategy practice group. His practice in the energy industry focuses on renewables as well as power and oil and gas.

Howard, a partner in the firm’s corporate practice, focuses on corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions in the energy and natural resources industries, including the renewable energy and climate-change sectors.

Brock notes that hydrogen offers an important pathway for Canada as the government strives to meet its deadline for carbon-free production.

“Canada and the world are moving inexorably toward a carbon-neutral future,” he’s quoted as saying in the press release. “And there is no pathway to net zero that does not include hydrogen energy and fuel-cell technologies at its core,” he said. “Fasken understands the complexities of our transition to clean energy and the challenges of creating strong and active markets for clean hydrogen. Solving intractable problems, overcoming regulatory barriers, unlocking government support and creating real value for businesses in hydrogen energy, hydrogen supply chains and hydrogen technology is our focus and our expertise.”

Howard added: “Conventional energy producers, transportation companies, and power suppliers are making substantial investments in hydrogen to promote reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and the entrepreneurial economy is capitalizing on a host of new technologies deploying hydrogen conversion. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Canadian governments will add major stimulus packages to advance green energy programs — companies deploying and using hydrogen fuel will be well advantaged and supported by these packages.”