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Banking complaints body appoints new member to board

Thursday, March 04, 2021 @ 9:16 AM | By John Chunn

ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office (ADRBO) announced it has named Greg Basham as the first designated consumer representative director.

ADRBO’s press release said that Basham brings to the board of directors a wealth of experience in consumer fairness and managing complaints and government/corporate relations. It added that in addition to serving as a voice for consumers on the board, Basham will promote consumer-friendly innovation at the Banking Ombuds Office to continually improve service and processes.

Basham has represented consumers at a national complaint arbitration program and strategic planning for a national not-for-profit consumers’ organization, as well as previous experience in ombudsman investigations and customer fairness in complaints procedures.

“Basham will be a strong advocate for fairness,” Britt Warlop, ADRBO ombudsman, said in the press release. “Having worked for many years in organizations where consumers didn’t always think things went right, he understands how important it is to ensure that consumers know they are heard, fairly and impartially.”

ADRBO is an external complaints body approved by Canada’s Department of Finance. Its mandate is to serve the public good. The press release notes that ADRBO seeks to exceed its requirements for efficient and effective complaint resolution during these difficult times and for the future, including fulfilling recommendations made last year in a review of external complaints bodies by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

In the past year, ADRBO said it has sped up file processing time by 29 per cent, with 42 per cent of investigative reports in consumers’ favour.