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The Friday Brief: Managing Editor’s must-read items from this week

Friday, June 11, 2021 @ 1:58 PM | By Matthew Grace

Matthew Grace %>
Matthew Grace
Here are my picks for the top stories we published this week.

CCLA slams Ford’s use of notwithstanding clause in response to court judgment
The Ontario legislature will be recalled on June 10 to address a recent decision from the Superior Court of Justice which ruled sections of the Election Finances Act (EFA) infringe s. 2(b) of the Charter and therefore are of no force and effect.

Privacy watchdog seeks comment on police use of facial recognition technology
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has found that the RCMP’s use of facial recognition technology (FRT) to “conduct hundreds of searches of a database compiled illegally by a commercial enterprise is a violation of the Privacy Act.”

Quebec legal experts question decision striking down ISP-blocking legislation
A Quebec legislative provision that compelled Internet service providers to block unauthorized gaming websites has been found unconstitutional by the Quebec Court of Appeal as it infringes on areas of exclusive federal jurisdiction.

Mandatory training for all articling principals starting in 2022: Alberta law society
The Law Society of Alberta (LSA) has given its approval to a training course for all articling principals in response to a recent survey which showed the articling relationship was not meeting the expectations of many participants.

Trending now: Non-fungible tokens
In her analysis article, Alessia Monastero writes: “Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the latest trend in cryptoassets, have quickly become a topic of conversation across various creative industries. In March, Kings of Leon became the first band to release an album as an NFT. In the art world, Beeple’s digital artwork sold as an NFT for nearly $70 million (yes, you read that right!).”

Matthew Grace is the Managing Editor of The Lawyer’s Daily.