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Stam launches virtual counsel firm SpringLaw

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 @ 11:09 AM | By John Chunn

Lisa Stam has launched a new firm, SpringLaw, trusted virtual counsel wherever your workplace.

Stam practises all aspects of employment, labour, privacy and human rights law, with a particular interest in legal issues arising from technology in the workplace.

Representing employers and executives, SpringLaw embraces technology for automating what it can in the backend of the office, so that it can focus on the complicated and often messy human relationships and legal issues of the workplace.

SpringLaw specializes in American employers with operations in Canada, executives and the workplace legal issues that arise out of the borderless economy of the online world.

Technology has forever changed the workplace. SpringLaw combines years of legal experience in both boutique and global law firms, a forward-thinking approach to delivering legal services in the online world and a passion for navigating how technology has impacted our workplace relationships and workflows.