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The Friday Brief

The Friday Brief: Editor-in-Chief’s must-read items from this week

Friday, September 08, 2017 @ 2:53 PM | By John Carson

John Carson %>
John Carson
On Tuesday, Sept. 12 The Lawyer’s Daily will be expanding our coverage to include seven more areas of practice.

In addition to these dedicated sections, we will also have seven corresponding e-newsletters to bring this content directly to your inboxes.

The new areas of practice are: In-House Counsel, Immigration, Tax, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Insurance and Natural Resources (including mining, energy, forestry and environmental law).

Our newest Analysis Editor and Digital Reporter will be covering off those areas with the latest news, insight, thought leadership and content that you’ve come to expect from The Lawyer’s Daily.

Here are my picks for the top items we published this week.

Beware of media, say lawyers after televised recording of breath test leads to acquittal
Lawyers say defence counsel and their clients must always be aware of those watching and listening following the acquittal of a driver who had his failed roadside breath test and legal consultation recorded by a TV news station.

Ontario needs to address drug treatment courts in dealing with opioid crisis: lawyer
Ontario has announced millions of dollars in funding to deal with the issue of opioid addiction in the province, but a legal observer is saying more money should be directed toward the province's drug treatment courts in order to better help people struggling with addiction.

Ottawa pledges 'complete overhaul' of specific claims to promote reconciliation with Indigenous peoples
The Trudeau government is vowing to revamp Ottawa’s specific claims process and policies to put more emphasis on reconciliation, rather than conflict, in dealing with historic Indigenous claims.

Polyamorous relationships might be the next frontier for family lawyers
Marriage is no longer perceived as permanent, limited to opposite-sex pairs, the exclusive milieu for reproduction, or the only recognized family entailing legally enforceable rights and obligations. Among some Canadians — mainly but not exclusively younger adults — a rejection of monogamy is giving rise to distinctly new forms of family.

Dismissing the alt-right employee, with and without cause
What can you do if one of your employees is caught “on tape” (as we used to say) at a rally of white supremacists / neo-Nazis, avidly chanting racist, anti-Semitic and other offensive slogans?

John Carson is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Lawyer's Daily.