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Bennett Jones becomes Enterprise Ethereum Alliance member

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 @ 1:17 PM | By Carolyn Gruske

Bennett Jones LLP has joined a blockchain industry group devoted to the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was designed to connect Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts, and Bennett Jones executives feel the firm can benefit from being part of that type of organization.

“Ethereum is an exciting platform, and we’re delighted to be involved with the Alliance and its community,” said Michael Whitt, co-head of Bennett Jones’ blockchain and fintech practice.

“Distributed ledger and distributed autonomous organizations are at the basis of blockchain. We see these as basic, enabling, infrastructure technologies with very broad impacts on a variety of business operations. They are much more than cryptocurrencies.”

Conrad Druzeta, co-head of Bennett Jones’ blockchain and fintech practice, feels that blockchain technology presents new opportunities to the legal and business worlds.

“Blockchain is one of the biggest changes in business that will happen this century,” he said.

“We’re in exciting times. Blockchain, distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency are opening new dimensions in global commerce. They are also subject to many Canadian and international laws that participants need to be aware of.”