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Queen’s professor part of grant-winning team

Thursday, April 05, 2018 @ 1:04 PM | By Carolyn Gruske

A team that includes a faculty member from a Canadian law school has been awarded a grant of 1.1 million pounds to look into the matter of international commercial arbitration.

Joshua Karton, who is the Queen’s law associate dean for graduate studies and research and who specializes in international commercial law and dispute resolution, is the only person from North America who is a member of the group. The international team, which is made up of lawyers, sociologists and psychologists, is being led by Tony Cole of the University of Leicester in the U.K.

The money, which comes from the U.K. Economic and Social Research Council, is earmarked for study into how European arbitrators make decisions in cross-border commercial disputes. The funding will be distributed over the course of five years.

Research will involve 400 on-location interviews and focus groups in 130 locations across Europe and Central Asia. Questions will focus on issues including the sociological and psychological factors that are involved in the arbitration process and other considerations such as arbitrator diversity, market incentives, intratribunal dynamics and social networks.

“International arbitration researchers may not get a grant of this size again for a long time. This project is an exciting and possibly unique opportunity to do groundbreaking work on an important but poorly understood field,” said Karton.