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World Intellectual Property Day to focus on contributions of women

Thursday, April 26, 2018 @ 9:47 AM | By Carolyn Gruske

This year, the contributions of women are the focus of World Intellectual Property Day.

Held annually on April 26, and sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization (a global forum and a self-funding agency of the United Nations), the day was created to promote education regarding the role that intellectual property rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

The 2018 women-focused campaign has the goal celebrating “the brilliance, ingenuity, curiosity and courage of the women who are driving change in our world and shaping our common future.” In order to accomplish this, it is hoped that people will “highlight how the intellectual property (IP) system can support innovative and creative women (and indeed everyone) in their quest to bring their amazing ideas to market.”

Most people who are expected to participate in World Intellectual Property Day will likely do so through social media, including Twitter. There is a hashtag — #worldipday — to use when sharing stories about “the female inventors and creators who are powering change near you!”

In Canada, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) will use the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts belonging to the federal Status of Women organization to do things such as share “the stories of the Famous Five Women of IP.”

Some organizations, including Simon Fraser University have already put up posts on their websites to promote the day and to explain what IP is and what IP-related services it offers.

Osgoode Hall has gone beyond the virtual world and has been running a Q and A series featuring women entrepreneurs.

Networking events are being hosted in cities around the country, including ones in Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Toronto that are being run by CIPO and others in science, technology and innovation hubs such as TEC Edmonton.