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Ontario legislature updates website

Thursday, May 31, 2018 @ 12:07 PM | By Carolyn Gruske

Even though the province of Ontario is in the midst of a provincial election, things have been happening behind the scenes at Queen’s Park, as the Legislative Assembly of Ontario has revamped its website.

The new site, which is now accessed through the address (instead of, promises to make “current information, such as bills, members, events, and house proceedings, more discoverable.”

Part of doing this meant restructuring where information resides within the web framework. According to the legislature’s information services office, as of now, “bills, debates and proceedings (Hansard), and committees pages are now under legislative business. Legislative business is where you can find everything you need to know about what’s happening at the legislature. You can find the discovery portal’s activities, games, educational resources, tour information, and more, under visit and learn. Visit and learn is your one stop-shop for educational, tourist, and historical information about the legislature.”

Other changes, which will only be evident once the house resumes sitting, involve video streaming of the legislature’s activities. The website’s homepage will display proceedings from the house, making it easier for viewers to watch. Video of committees and house archives can be found under the page’s video section.

The site has been designed to be more accessible on mobile devices, and navigation has been simplified and reworked so that the process is the same whether a viewer is accessing the page from a desktop or from a mobile device.