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The Lawyer’s Daily joins the National NewsMedia Council

Thursday, January 03, 2019 @ 1:13 PM | By John Carson

In January 2019 The Lawyer’s Daily became a member of the National NewsMedia Council, which deals with complaints about news stories, opinion columns or photos.

The National NewsMedia Council is a voluntary, self-regulatory ethics body for the English-language news media industry in Canada. It was established in 2015 with two main aims: to promote ethical practices within the news media industry and to serve as a forum for complaints against its members.

The council deals with matters concerning fairness of coverage, relevance, balance and accuracy. The council represents the public and the media in matters concerning the democratic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of the media.

The National NewsMedia Council was formed following decisions to amalgamate press councils in Atlantic Canada, Manitoba, Ontario (Ontario Press Council) and British Columbia to establish a cohesive, consistent and fair approach to complaints against member news organizations.

The Lawyers Weekly (predecessor to The Lawyer's Daily) was a member of the Ontario Press Council in good standing.

Visit the National NewsMedia Council website for more information or call 1-844-877-1163.