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Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 4:23 PM - Last Updated: Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 4:27 PM

LSO debates need for professional name reader, mailing of certificates at call to bar ceremonies Atrisha Lewis, LSO bencher

The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) grappled with two motions relating to operational changes to modernize the upcoming call to the bar ceremonies by having a professional name reader call the names of new licensees and by having certificates mailed out instead of issued in person during the call. ... [read more]

Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 12:18 PM

Shareholder activism during COVID-19: Setting the stage Sharholders making corporation better

COVID-19 instantly impacted world economies, governments and global citizens alike. In the corporate world of business, shareholder activists were hit with a major bump in the road in March 2020. In such an unprecedented time, these activists sought to balance the competing forces of business stability with progressive corporate social responsibility ideals. ... [read more]

Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 9:13 AM

Lawson Lundell hires senior counsel, new associate

Lawson Lundell welcomed Winston Yee to its Vancouver office as senior counsel in the corporate commercial group. In addition, the firm announced that Dana Kiefer is joining the Calgary office as an associate. ... [read more]

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 2:47 PM

Artificial intelligence used properly in law Robot at work

Artificial intelligence (AI) and technology can be a boon to the legal profession, but care must be taken to ensure it is being used correctly and in the right circumstances. ... [read more]

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 2:39 PM

Law Society of Ontario takes legal action in exam cheating investigation Diana Miles, Law Society of Ontario CEO

The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) is taking legal action against NCA Exam Guru and its principal, Aamer Chaudhry, as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged cheating on the barrister and solicitor exams. “The law society is committed to protecting the public interest and actively responding to conduct that threatens the integrity of the licensing process and the professions. As regulator, we will take strong action against alleged wrongdoers,” said Diana Miles, the LSO’s chief executive officer, in a statement issued May 25. ... [read more]

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 11:24 AM

Three new appointments at Aird & Berlis

Aird & Berlis has appointed two new associates and a consultant to the firm. ... [read more]

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 10:31 AM

Gender X and personal identity on government documents Three passports of three peoplel

Sex and gender are separate personal characteristics. Sex refers to biological characteristics while gender more broadly refers to a social identity. For many individuals, the distinction between sex and gender does not impact their day-to-day life. The categories of “M” or the “F” on a form can be checked off without a second thought. However, the distinction between sex and gender can be important for those who have a gender identity or lived experience that does not align with their sex at birth. Government-issued documents that capture this information can hold practical and emotional significance for some people. ... [read more]

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 8:35 AM

Gone phishing: panel discusses perils of remote work, surveillance risks to lawyers, clients Kevin Lo, Froese Forensic Partners Ltd.

In a panel discussion highlighting the shift to remote work, speakers emphasized the need for lawyers to turn their minds to privacy and security issues when working from home, noting that technology adopted during the pandemic can have surveillance impacts that can not only affect a lawyer’s practice, but their clients as well. ... [read more]

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 @ 2:17 PM

Data privacy invasions in femtech: A threat to long-term women’s health care? All eyes on woman

The female health technology (femtech) industry is an essential driver of change for women’s health. Born from the premise that women should be afforded agency and autonomy over their bodies and health decisions, femtech strives to empower and support women along their health-care journey. ... [read more]

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 @ 11:41 AM

Group launches Employment Lawyers Association of Ontario

The Employment Lawyers Association of Ontario (ELAO) is one of Ontario’s newest organizations for lawyers, and it is growing very quickly, according to a press release. ... [read more]