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Tuesday, December 08, 2020 @ 10:54 AM

Canada should let Meng go | Gary Botting

On the eve of Huawei CFO Meng Wanshou’s return to court in Vancouver Dec. 7, the Wall Street Journal claimed that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) had leaked news that officials were open to discussing a possible plea agreement with her lawyers.   ... [read more]

Tuesday, December 08, 2020 @ 8:28 AM

Cancel culture and Law Society of Ontario | Gary Joseph

I have long been a critic of the cancel culture. While I support constructive change, the idea that all in the past is wrong, colonial, racist and worse, is a concept I cannot accept. Yes, we must always strive to eliminate wrong and improve our society but to ignore and destroy our past is not the way forward. ... [read more]

Monday, December 07, 2020 @ 1:26 PM

One more huge misconception about court transcriptionists cassette

Here is another in a series of articles about everything you need to know about transcripts and the Authorized Court Transcriptionists (ACTs) who produce them. The last article (Oct. 29) included a number of humorous misconceptions. What follows is a bit more serious. ... [read more]

Monday, December 07, 2020 @ 1:17 PM

What's the plan if a cyberattack hits your firm? cyberattack_business_sm

Lawyers across the country no doubt collectively gasped and wondered about their firm’s vulnerability when in April, two Manitoba law firms were hit by a prolific ransomware strain called MAZE, bringing their operations to a standstill. ... [read more]

Monday, December 07, 2020 @ 8:24 AM

Wellness: Time to address our profession’s unconscious bias against women | Darryl Singer

It is hard to believe at the end of 2020 that it is even necessary to write about the inherent unconscious bias against women which remains in our profession. ... [read more]

Friday, December 04, 2020 @ 8:43 AM

How immigration is shaping real estate market home_prices_sm

Home ownership is often the single largest investment that a household or individual makes in their life. The decision to buy a home has an impact on consumption behaviour, income, wealth and economic well-being. Home ownership marks a significant investment and is a goal for many people at different stages of their life. For immigrants, it can also be an important milestone in their settlement in Canada. ... [read more]

Monday, November 30, 2020 @ 3:20 PM

Canada extending travel ban for non-U.S. foreign nationals Bill_Blair_sm

Ottawa has extended into the new year its ban on non-essential travel into Canada by non-U.S. foreign nationals but is creating an exemption that would possibly allow “high-performance” amateur sports organizations to enter the country. ... [read more]

Friday, November 27, 2020 @ 8:39 AM

Canada immigration and COVID-19 during 2020: Part two | Colin Singer

In this, the second of a two-part series, we look at how Canada immigration has been affected by COVID-19 in 2020. ... [read more]

Thursday, November 26, 2020 @ 1:49 PM

Canada immigration and COVID-19 during 2020: Part one | Colin Singer

The coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted the Canada immigration system since restrictions were first introduced in March 2020. Canada’s federal government reacted by restricting international travel and closing the Canada-U.S. border, with most of the measures taken still in place eight months later and likely to remain into 2021. ... [read more]

Thursday, November 26, 2020 @ 8:35 AM

Rule of law in era of virtual hearings: Doing justice? | Joseph Groia

Like the rest of the world, the legal profession has spent the last eight months isolating or socially distancing and implementing countless other changes. As a result, the way in which the legal system operates has undergone a significant shift. A fundamental part of this shift, and the main subject of this small note, is the move to videoconferencing technology, such as Zoom or WebEx, now widely used as a substitute for in-person meetings. ... [read more]