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Monday, November 09, 2020 @ 12:27 PM

Costco no longer ‘rocking’ high end jeans after court upholds $500,000 in damages award jeansinbigbox.jpg

The legality of the sale of “grey market” goods continues to be a thorn for manufacturers, who have had a lot of trouble policing sales for diverted or substandard goods, as well as counterfeit goods, that are rife in secondary channels of trade. ... [read more]

Friday, November 06, 2020 @ 2:46 PM

How business owners and counsel can respond to copyright demand letters maskedman

It is every business owner’s nightmare. One day they receive a letter that states the use of a photograph on their business website is copyright infringement, orders that they take it down and demands that they pay a significant amount of money, usually over a thousand dollars, to settle the matter. The sender is usually either the owner of the copyright or a copyright enforcement agency operating on behalf of the owner. Business owners might not even remember putting the photograph on their website or might be wondering if the letter sender is legitimate. Additionally, such a settlement fee is usually something not provided for in their budgets. ... [read more]

Thursday, November 05, 2020 @ 12:40 PM

Why paralegals are force behind innovation in law firms paralegals_sm

Paralegals are already a vital resource to law firms, but with the onslaught of tools on the market that help automate the more mundane and repetitive parts of their work, they are about to become much more valuable. ... [read more]

Thursday, November 05, 2020 @ 9:23 AM

Ontario cybersecurity panel could shape privacy and data security legislation, say lawyers Lyndsay Wasser sm

The findings of an expert panel on cybersecurity recently formed by the Ontario government could significantly influence future privacy and digital security legislation in the province, say two lawyers with expertise in the field. ... [read more]

Wednesday, November 04, 2020 @ 12:42 PM

Fantastic truths, where to find them: Depp’s sunken libel claim Skull

In the middle of a global pandemic, you could be forgiven for not keeping tabs on Johnny Depp’s libel case against the British tabloid newspaper, The Sun. However, the recently released judgment was brought Depp’s behaviour back into the spotlight, and not in the way he had hoped. ... [read more]

Monday, November 02, 2020 @ 1:34 PM

The Immortals: Newfoundland trademark registrations Newfoundland

Most Canadians are at least passingly familiar with the fact that Newfoundland and Labrador has its own time zone — you can almost hear the commercials advising that the hockey game will start at 8 p.m. Eastern, 8:30 p.m. in Newfoundland. What is less commonly known is that Newfoundland and Labrador (Newfoundland) also has its own register of trademarks — the only province to do so.  But, if you want to register a trademark in Newfoundland, you are about 70 years too late. The reasons for that, and the continued existence of Newfoundland trademark registrations, are historical and date back to Newfoundland’s entry into Confederation. ... [read more]

Thursday, October 29, 2020 @ 1:38 PM

Popular misconceptions about court transcriptionists cassette

Authorized Court Transcriptionists (ACTs) hear a lot of things that make us either cringe or laugh about how we are perceived. We all need to laugh once in a while, even when it hurts, so here we go! ... [read more]

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 @ 1:50 PM

Significant statutory damages for copyright infringement of e-commerce website cartire

Courts are starting to show a willingness to award significant sums for statutory damages in cases of copyright infringement involving e-commerce websites. The images involved may not be masterpieces, but where many images have been reproduced, although the court may exercise its discretion to award less than the $500 per work minimum specified in the Copyright Act, the statutory damages can still add up. ... [read more]

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 @ 9:47 AM

Dalhousie law school launches clinic for early tech startups Jacqueline_Walsh

Dalhousie University’s law school has started a new clinic for students — and a new law firm for early stage startups. The initio Technology and Innovation Law Clinic is intended to help startups in the formative phases to have affordable and easy access to legal services, said director Jacqueline Walsh. “At this stage, they don’t know what they don’t know, and they don’t have the money to hire a law firm.” ... [read more]

Monday, October 26, 2020 @ 3:08 PM

How Canadian fashion events navigate COVID-19 laws stylizedhat

During the start of COVID-19, the Canadian fashion industry’s activities were brought to a complete standstill. Toronto designers and event producers have stepped up to this challenge by shifting to the production of affordable face masks when mask shortages were prominent, and by utilizing virtual platforms to showcase collections and to engage with audiences and consumers. ... [read more]