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Wednesday, March 02, 2022 @ 10:40 AM

Work, pay in Canadian prisons, part one | David Dorson

Every two weeks prisoners in federal prisons get their pay and financial statements. And every two weeks, starting even in my first few weeks in the Assessment Unit (where all federal prisoners are sent for two or three months before being assigned to a “home” prison), some prisoner would be saying to me, “I hear you understand these things.” ... [read more]

Tuesday, March 01, 2022 @ 10:00 AM

Ontario judicial appointments: Francophones not welcome | Agnès Whitfield

For francophone litigants in Ontario, one of the major obstacles to an equitable access to justice in French has been for decades and remains the shortage of bilingual judges. One recent example: in March 2021, the Ontario Court of Justice replaced a francophone judge in Algoma, a district with a significant francophone population, by a unilingual anglophone judge, depriving francophone litigants of their right to be heard rapidly in French. ... [read more]

Friday, February 25, 2022 @ 2:33 PM

His cousin Vinny | Marcel Strigberger

 Travel these days? Bah! ... [read more]

Thursday, February 24, 2022 @ 1:34 PM

Post graduate work permit expansion for career colleges not needed | Sergio R. Karas

Current immigration policy and regulations allow foreign students who graduate from Canadian universities and publicly funded colleges to obtain a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) upon graduation. The PGWP is pushing the boundaries of immigration even during the Covid-19 pandemic. From January to November 2021, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued more than 126,000 PGWPs. The National Association of Career Colleges (NACC), whose members run private vocational colleges, is now putting pressure on IRCC to extend the availability of PGWPs to their diploma and certificate graduates. ... [read more]

Thursday, February 24, 2022 @ 1:30 PM

More mental health disability claims could be on horizon | Joshua Goldberg

The isolation and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to an increase in disability claims due to mental health issues. ... [read more]

Thursday, February 24, 2022 @ 8:58 AM

Don’t write judges, revisited | Gary Joseph

I do in fact have loyal readers of my various rantings, graciously published in this daily. One such reader was kind enough to send me a decision of Justice Ronald P. Kaufman of the Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket, Ont. It is a 2014 decision that so articulately describes the problem of writing to judges that I have begged the editors to permit me this addendum to my article Stop writing to judges. ... [read more]

Thursday, February 24, 2022 @ 8:30 AM

How practising martial arts makes me a better trial lawyer | Lorne Sabsay

I have been practising both martial arts and law (criminal and litigation) for a very long time: 35 years. I train karate at Northern Karate Schools and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) at Toronto BJJ and BJJ Battalion. I hold a fifth-degree black belt in karate and a blue belt in BJJ, and recently won a silver medal at the Master Worlds IBJJF Championship in Las Vegas. I also have a Shihan-level teaching title in karate. ... [read more]

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 @ 11:41 AM

What access to justice looks like in family law | Sarah Boulby

The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) is once again embroiled in a debate about whether to license paralegals to practise family law. There is no evidence that paralegals would provide cheaper family law services than lawyers and there are real protection of the public concerns about licensing and promoting service providers who do not have the competence, skills or education to do the work. Perhaps it is time to step back from this narrow debate and instead ask — what does access to justice in family law really look like?  ... [read more]

Friday, February 18, 2022 @ 2:58 PM

History of lawyers, part one | Marcel Strigberger

I ask where in history do we see lawyers mentioned? Actually after thinking about it, I see no sign of lawyers for millennia. ... [read more]

Friday, February 18, 2022 @ 11:42 AM

Constitutional problems of modern democracy | Julius Grey

When comparing different political systems, neither Plato nor Aristotle had much good to say about democracy. Essentially they saw three serious weaknesses — the inevitable domination by the wealthy, the endemic corruption and the danger of factionalism. All three of these dangers are still present in modern western democracy to the point that many consider democracy as a model in decline. Given the egalitarian ideology of our society, some will view the fear of undue influence of the rich as exaggerated. They should think again. ... [read more]